Application for playing, learning and transcribing basslines

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  • Designed for Bass Players

    Created by bass player with aim to make practising more effective and joyful. Focused on rhythm section, with counting labels and easy to create drum tracks.

  • Cross Platform and Free

    Built on HTML5 Web Audio technology. You can run it under any operating system with appropriate web browser. Mobile version is planned for the future.

  • BassCloud Service

    If you would like to access online database of created projects, or share your own projects with others, take a look at BassCloud service.


  • Optimal for practising

    Player controls was designed for convenient setp by step learning. You can adjust playback speed, selection range, output volume of each instrument.

  • Quality Sound

    A lot of effort was spent to achieve a high quality playback with precise timing. At the moment, application offers Bass, Drums & Percussions and Piano.

Powerful Editor

  • Drag & Drop

    A lot of editing actions can be performed with interactive Drag & Drop and resize operations. Advanced options are accessible from context menu.

  • Adjusted for instrument

    As well as different instruments have their own specificities, editor is customized for each instrument to provide better editing capabilities.

  • Sections and playlists

    Bigger projects can be split into several smaller sections. Playlist editor will allow you to quick reuse of repetitive sections, or create alternative versions.


  • Easy to read

    Very easy to read for the beginners, with several bass notations available. Layout is configurable to fit your screen and reading speed.

  • Virtual fretboard

    When it comes to analysis of played patterns and better understanding of basslines, Virtual fretboard will give you more worthful information than tabs.


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